How Hocking College Crafts the Perfect Beers: The Black Diamond Ale & The Black Diamond IPA.

We know you love the taste, but have you ever wondered how this liquid gold became so delicious?

We begin with prepping for the beer making process.

The perfect temperature to mash up beer is 152 to 154 degrees. So why would we start at 160 degrees? Well, when we drop the grain into the water the temperature will lower into perfect range.

“We spray down our containers with a solution used to keep grain dust and contamination from entering the fermentation process.”

“no grain dust for us!” -Eric Hedin

Throughout the process, we are continually circulating the liquids in order to filter the sugar off the grain.

We then transfer the water off the top of the boil kettle. The foam “sugars arise” and the hops are added.

This will ferment for the next 7-10 days until the co2 has all but ceased to expel from the tank. A crash cool down will happen, allowing for yeast to “fall out” and we have our finished product.

The final product? The Black Diamond Ale, a classic American pilsner, and the Black Diamond IPA.

Eric has 40 years of brewing experience.
Eric Hedin – Brew Master